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Security Testing is an essential way of checking and ensuring that the product/software/application is perfectly functional and ready to hit the market and help out its users. Security Testing has turned out to be an integral part of an organization’s developmental strategy. With the number of privacy breaches rising each day, it has become more necessary now than ever to address the client’s security testing needs.


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Why Us?

At Axis IT Solution, we aim at letting your business grow and gain competitive advantage in this marketplace just as we focus on building long-term customer relationship with you. We believe that there is always a chance of human error occurring in a process, which makes security testing even more crucial. Our professionals, be it testers, developers or QA engineers, boast of industry knowledge and experience to promise you with nothing short of the best.

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Strategic Security Testing Cycle

At Axis IT Solution, we offer trusted Security Testing services for clients across all domains. Our comprehensive Security Testing services are aimed at identifying the weaknesses in a given software product and take corrective measures to make sure that it is safe, secure, functional and high performing.Our experts adopt the latest industry standards with respect to the tools as well as the testing methodologies.

As such, our services include:
  • Penetration test
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Custom framework & tools
  • Offensive security technique
  • Social Engineering
  • Awareness training session
Our Security Testing projects go through the following stages:
  • Establishing the security testing requirements and creating quality gates or bug bars
  • Putting across the design requirements and carrying out Threat Modelling system
  • Implementation of the testing methods using approved tools and conducting static analysis
  • Perform dynamic analysis and conducting attack surface review

Creating an incident response plan, conducting final security review and certifying the final release of the software

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