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  • Mon, Jul 30, 2018
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Axis IT Solutions

About Axis IT Solutions

We are an IT solution company established in 2017 with the aim of providing a solution to all your websites and mobile application needs. We have been working for both small and medium-sized brands across Lebanon.

We treat our client’s project as their investment and assets that is why we are committed to delivering on promises with agility as well as quality service and customer sensitivity in line with global best practices. Our Customers are assured of the best quality of service because we use the latest state of the art technology to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Customers are assured of quality service delivery because we use the latest state of the art equipment to facilitate the completion of job timely. Client satisfaction is our priority, our clients trust us to provide top-notch services that is why they normally come back to us for more services.

We parade the best workforce in the field to enhance our operations thereby delivering high-quality websites to address the complexity of your ever-increasing requirements. Our team is also tech-savvy and ICT compliance to operate in line with global best practices.


Our aim is to be the best IT solution company in Lebanon by delivering high-quality websites and mobile applications with commensurable business outcomes.

We continually place a premium on our stakeholders while partnering with our customers for their success. Our team adheres to our corporate values while providing a sustainable environment.


Our vision is to be a leading IT solution company by building a world-class agency with expertise in providing premium quality IT solution and mobile applications with the highest standard of quality, efficiency, consistency of the services and customer satisfaction. Our success is measured by our customer satisfaction, stakeholders’ value, sensitivity to the need for our team and the environment in which we operate.


As a result of the expertise and extensive labor of our staff, we have been identified as a leading Lebanon IT solution company.

Axis IT Solutions understands the value of a reliable and attractive website for an organization. We boast of a team of expert, knowledgeable, experienced and committed professionals who work towards creating excellent, responsive websites. They are all trained and certified based on industry standards and regulations.


Values guide the way we behave. Our value system reflects how we operate our business and it is the foundation that shapes everything we do.

Team Work

At Axis IT Solution, we place value on teamwork. We work in a team to achieve a common goal. We leverage on teamwork to foster creativity and learning, blend complementary strengths, build trust, and teach conflict resolution skills.


We are honest, open, fair, and consistent in what we do, what we say and how we work together.


Our pre and post quality service conform to the highest industry specifications and in line with global best practices. Since our establishment, we have been offering premium quality services to our clients.


Our employees conduct themselves in a professional manner and demonstrate loyalty to the company. We keep to our word and strive to exceed customers’ expectations.


Our teams are professionals in the various fields. We build our strength on functional knowledge and being recognized as an authority in what we do.


We are reputed for converting resources into a result, which is why we always satisfy our customers.



At Axis IT Solutions, we offer the following services;

Custom Web Application: We leverage on cutting-edge technological tools and processes to design and develop a custom web application using the most trusted platforms. We study your brand and take a lot of time to build the application embedded with scalability, security, usability, as well as, robust performance

Digital Marketing: Businesses are leveraging the social media space to reach their target audience. At Axis IT Solutions, we are committed to bringing your brand to limelight leveraging on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We have the capacity to manage your brand’s social media accounts with a view to reaching your targeted audience.  We can take care of everything such as strategy, content development, setup, and community engagement.


Functional Testing: At Axis IT Solutions, we have talented testers that will help perform functional testing of every stage of your software development.

Magento E-commerce: At Axis IT Solutions, we leverage on Magento with a view to ensuring that you have an attractive e-commerce website.

Mobile Applications: The essence of high-tech mobile apps cannot be overemphasized in view of the fact that we are in the era of smartphones and tablets. We have expert-level mobile application developers that can create mobile applications for your business needs

Responsive Web design: Your website is the first point of call when potential clients are seeking information about your brand. Hence, the essence of a well-designed website cannot be overemphasized. Our team will ensure that your brand’s presence is seen on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization: Whether you have a small business or a conglomerate, we can help your website rank higher on search engines.

  • Security Testing: The essence of security testing cannot be overemphasized in view of the fact that there are a growing number of privacy breaches every day. At Axis IT Solutions, we can help your brand with Security testing.
  • Support: We have a robust support team that ensures clients’ queries and complaints are resolved within the shortest possible time with a view to improving clients’ ROI.