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Digital Marketing

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  • Mon, Jul 30, 2018
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be described as the promotion of your brand, products or services leveraging on one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing is different from the traditional marketing in the sense that it enables an organization to understand and analyze marketing campaigns, as well as, know what strategy is working or not in real time.

The Internet is not the sole channel for Digital marketers; other channels are wireless text messaging, mobile apps, mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, electronic, radio channels, and digital television, among others.

Why is digital marketing important?

The concept of digital marketing is very vital if you want to make more sales. The days where potential customers get to know your products or services by word of mouth are gone. Digital marketing has not taken over the marketing space. Digital marketing can be seen in the news, entertainment, social interaction, and shopping. Potential customers are now more aware of your products or services because your brand is now on the internet.

In addition, a lot of potential customers want brands they can trust, communicate effectively, and offers products or services that would meet their needs. Therefore, it is important for you to leverage digital marketing to boost your sales.

Manage customer relationships across all channels

Digital marketing and its allied Media are vital. It is important to know your customers better, rather than just knowing some information about them. You need to talk with them regularly, know how they feel about your products or services, and try as much as possible to educate them about your products using communication channels such as social media, web, direct mail, mobile, and point of sale, among others.

Marketers will then use this information to anticipate and create consistent customer experiences with a view that customers would be carried along in the buying process. You are more likely to engage your customers in lucrative business when you have a deeper insight into their preferences and behavior.

Challenges facing digital marketers

Digital marketers face a lot of challenges some of which are;

  • The proliferation of digital channels: Since there is now the availability of multiple digital channels, different devices, interfaces, and specifications, consumers leverage on this to interact in different ways, hence posing a huge challenge to digital marketers
  • Intensifying competition: Compare to traditional media, the digital channel is relatively cheap. This makes it easy for every business irrespective of size to use digital marketing, thereby becoming extremely difficult to attract the attention of consumers.
  • Huge data volumes: Majority of consumers leave huge data behind in the digital channel. This makes it extremely difficult for digital marketers to locate the right data that would help them make the right decision.

Keys to success in digital marketing

The following are three keys to leverage in order to achieve success in digital marketing;

  • Ensure that you properly manage your customers’ relationships across various channels – both traditional and digital channels
  • Initiate and respond to dynamic customer interactions
  • Take it as a point of duty to extract value from huge data with a view to making a better business decision faster.

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